Friday, October 1, 2010

.....yes, i'll marry you

You're all starry eyed. The love of your life has just asked you those magical words: "Will you marry me". Maybe he even proposed on bended knees, via a cinema screen, over an intimate dinner or just while you were both hanging out, It really doesn't matter. All you care about after saying yes is bringing that wedding dream you've had from when you were just a little girl to reality.

The ball gown, the music, food, drinks, all of your dearest friends there to witness the happiest day of your life. The wedding date is fixed and the running around starts, then reality sets in. You're so stressed out you wish you'd just settled for going to the registry. Its not that easy to find a dress or a tailor to correctly alter it, the decoration, photography is so expensive you, your parents and sweetheart have been having fights about it. 

This is why you need a wedding planner. Someone to help you shortlist vendors to fit your budget. Wedding planning is a very intimidating and overwhelming task. A wedding planner helps you reduce the stress of putting it all together by helping you create a wedding plan which details your ideas, budget, number of guests being expected, who is paying for what e.t.c. 

My experience has been that wedding planners in Nigeria try to make profit off every service they help in getting instead of helping the bride get the best available "within" her already specified budget. This is where Alabashe differs. We do our best to ensure you do not overspend unnecessarily. Our fee is agreed upfront and you make payments to the vendors yourself so you can be sure no one is making a margin off you. 

Your wedding is one of those events that take place in your life that will forever be memorable, plan it well and enjoy the happy memories thinking abut it will always bring. So how do you go about it? Follow the blog for helpful tips and hints.


  1. ...this is a novel idea...keep it up!!!

    - Feso

  2. i love the write up, and also love the idea of the client making payments directly to the vendor, it shows transparency.Thumbs up guys


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