Friday, October 8, 2010

Bridal party roles

"Its the friends you can call up at 4am that matter." Marlene Dietrick

Hmmm, this matter is one that amazes me. Especially as most times i see bridesmaids who are more concerned with how they look and the guys they'll meet than the bride's feelings. More often than not members of the bridal party just come to eat, drink and socialize. This is not the way it ought to be. Each role is important and has responsibilities and every bride (and groom) should pick those to fulfill this roles for them wisely. Here are some of the roles and the responsibilities:

The Maid of Honor/Chief Bridesmaid: This is someone very special to the bride. The person normally entrusted with this role is a sister or a very close friend. She is part worker bee (hence the title maid) and part emotional lifeboat. Assisting with logistics and listening to the bride whine are part of the job description. Her duties include:

  • Accompanying the bride on shopping trips, especially when choosing her dress, veil, invitations e.t.c. Basically anything. See yourself as an assistant wedding planner.
  • Throwing the bridal shower
  • Helping the bride to write out and address invitations, place cards, and other hand written correspondence
  • Coordinating the bridal gift given by the bridal party
  • Coordinate the bridesmaids. Keep them informed of necessary information prior to the wedding, ensure they get their dresses and are organised at the wedding ceremony.
  • Helping the bride to dress before the wedding
  • Participating in the wedding processional
  • Holding the groom's wedding ring
  • Helping to ensure that the bride's dress is positioned correctly throughout the ceremony
  • Holding the bride's flowers
  • Participating in the gift receiving line
  • Witnessing the marriage by signing the wedding certificate
  • Dancing with the best man at the reception
As can be seen from the job description above, a maid of honor's role starts way before the wedding ceremony or rehearsal dinner. Remember you are a chief bridesmaid not a chief bride. Endeavor to make the bride's day pleasant and someone will do same for you.

The Best Man: This is also a role filed by someone close to the groom, a brother or a trusted friend. He's the guy who's always got your back. His tasks include:
  • Organising the bachelor party. This should me sponsored by him and the other groomsmen
  • Coordinating the couple's gift from the groomsmen
  • Assisting the groom in choosing his outfit
  • Helping the groom get dressed before the wedding
  • Ensuring the groom gets to the church on time
  • Holding the bride's ring
  • Witnessing the marriage by signing the certificate
  • Participating in the gift receiving line
  • Giving a toats at the reception
  • Dancing with the maid of honor at the reception
  • Making sure the couple has transportation to the airport, hotel or honeymoon destination
  • Help maid of honor take wedding gifts to the couple's home
This role can only be filled by a reliable and responsible person. Please, for your own sake choose wisely.

Bridesmaids: Responsibilities include:
  • Helping with pre-wedding errands
  • Making time for shopping for your dress and fittings
  • Helping the maid of honor plan and sponsor the bridal shower
  • Contributing to bridal gifts
  • Walking in the wedding processional
  • Dancing with the groomsmen
  • Acting as hostesses
  • Offering to help the maid of honor with packing gifts or attending to the bride. Whatever is needed.
Groomsmen: Their tasks are similar to those of the bridesmaids. They include:
  • Co-sponsoring and attending the bachelor party
  • Contributing to gifts for the groom
  • Acting as hosts
  • Walking in the wedding processional
  • Dancing with the bridesmaids
  • Helping the best man in whatever way possible
The Flower Girl & Ring Bearer:
Because these are usually very young children, not much is expected of them. The flower girl will usually carry a basket of flowers during the wedding processional and may toss wedding petals on the ground to mark the bride's entrance. The ring bearer on the other hand is traditionally to walk next to the flower girl during the wedding processional holding a pillow on which the wedding rings are sewn. Nowadays, he just walks in the processional and the rings are held by the best man. 

All members of the bridal party should pay for their outfits and accessories. The children's should be paid for by their parents. They should all have this thought at the back of their minds: "This is one of the most important days in the lives of the couple, don't let them remember you as the person that screwed it up".

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  1. Hmmnnn! Nice article, wish a lot of brides n their bridal party would get to read this... so that each person will know their role in the wedding, thereby giving the bride less headache... Good job...